◆ I didn't receive a confirmation email. Did my order go through?
99% of the time the email is in your spam folder. If it is not:
1. Check here to see if your order went through.
2. Check your paypal account and see if the payment is in your order history.
If you see the payment then your order is a success.
If you do not see the payment then your order is not a success. (Usually you have forgotten to click the final confirmation button.)


◆ Can I change my delivery information (address, telephone number, name, etc.) after payment?
You have two options:
A. Free method
1. Do not contact us.
2. Check the tracking page often.
3. When your package arrives at your country call your local post office with the tracking number, and ask them to forward the package to the correct address.

B. Toll method
1. Contact us.
2. Pay us a handling fee (20 USD).
3. We will change it for you.


◆ What is the difference between Air mail and EMS
Faster than Air
More expensive
Higher taxes
Less problems

Low taxes
More problems
No support service (Don’t ask us for help if your package is shipped using Air)


◆ About Air mail problems
Who takes responsibility?
If the problem occurs in Japan you will receive a refund the first time.
If the problem occurs outside of Japan you will not receive a refund.

2012 Air issues
October (halloween season), December (christmas season), both had big delays.
There was a max of 40 days delivery time after order (occurred for EU & USA).

During other times your package will usually arrive within 2 weeks.

Some countries taxe all EMS packages, but never tax Air. This is because EMS is usually used by businesses, while Air is used for personal packages.


◆ Air usually has five kinds of problems:
1. Delays in sending
Air  packages are only sent out on Tuesdays. If you order on Wednesday, it will still be sent on Tuesday.

 2. Delayed tracking updates
The Japanese post offices always update, but some countries don’t always update the tracking page.

 3. Lost packages
A. If the package is lost in Japan we will refund you the first time.
B. If the package is lost in your country we will not refund you.

In Brazil packages are lost very often. Almost 10% of all packages will be stolen. If you live in Brazil please select EMS for shipping.
We could file a claim with the post office but to do that requires a lot of time. In the scheme of things our time is worth more than the money that might be gained from filing a claim.

 4. Has your package been send back to us?
If you don’t input your name in the address field of the checkout page then the post officer will assume it is a wrong address, and it will be sent back to us. (This occurs especially in Germany) They will not call you or leave a notice or inform you.Because of free shipping campain.From 1st Feb,2015.If this happens to you then we can not refund you anything.You may file a claim with your post office, but usually they won’t pay the fee.
All shipping is our responsibility until it leaves Japan, everything else is your responsibility.

For avoid packages return,we suggest you check tracking page every day.
when it arrive your country,call post office everyday until it arrive to you.

◆ How can I find out where my package is?
1. After you order we will send you a tracking number within 48 hours.
2. We send out packages on Tuesday, so you can check the tracking information starting Wednesday.
3. If the tracking information doesn't change after a week and you want to know where your package is you must call your local post office with your tracking number because sometimes the post office does not update the tracking information.


◆ Payment Options
1. Paypal account
2. Credit card

When you click Checkout, you will jump to paypal’s page, there you can choose paypal login or pay with credit card (without a paypal login).


◆ Check out errors
Some customers get the error code 10417. This usually occurs when your order price exceeds your account limit. If you get this error you can call paypal to have it resolved.
Another reason you may be receiving an error is because of your browser’s security settings. We suggest you update your virus software, or use firefox.

◆ Exchanges and returns
We do not accept ANY exchanges, returns.
Even if some mistakes on our side(little stain etc.little size different.)

Before send out : we will charge you 20 usd service fee and refund you the remain money.

after send out : can't cancel.

◆ About sizes
Sizes will vary depending on who is doing the measuring and the kind of material.
for example, stretchy material. Also some people measure the material on the table, and some people measure on a dress form, which changes the size slightly.)
If you are worried about sizes you should ask for advice from the lolita community.


◆ Prices
Our prices constantly fluctuate, but they are on an upward trend for three reasons:.

 1. Factory costs become more and more expensive.
2. For top grade quality we require top grade materials.
3. Japan government is raising the VAT tax rate from 5% to 8%

If you want to purchase an item for cheapest then the best time is now, as prices steadily increase. Also restocked items are typically more expensive. Despite this we try our best to keep the prices down. We are the cheapest for the best quality compared to all other brands.


◆ Do you have wholesale or discounted items?
We don't have wholesale or discount items besides the ones on the Sale page.


◆ Tax
You must pay any taxes charged by your country.
All international online shops are subject to the same taxes.
In the EU the tax will be almost half the cost of your order.
The tax rate every country is different. For example in germany if your order is 100 USD then your tax will be 31 USD (12% import tax, 19% VAT tax)


◆ About order cancellations
We will cancel your order if:
1. You’ve had trouble with us before.
2. You don’t understand our shopping guide
3. You aren’t satisfied with our service or products.



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